Ingram's Fabricated Filters
utilizes the latest in filtration technology and research to design and manufacture replacement filters for every conceivable application, whether liquid, air, or gas. Just fax or email us your specifications or bring us a sample and our estimators will quote your job for you, including pricing, estimated delivery times and packaging.
Ingram’s offers a range of different felts, mono-filaments, multi-filament, and high-temperature materials.

*Leaf Filters
of any shape and size, both inset and clamped design. We manufacture replacement filters for US Filter, Niagra, Durco and others.

*Pressure Plate Filter Covers of various configurations made to manufacturer's specifications.

*Belt Filters
for a virtually unlimited variety of sizes and shapes of filter presses used in dewatering industrial and municipal sludges and by-products.

*Bag & Sock Filters (Filter bags) including vacuum truck filters and bag house filters.

*HVAC Filters such as pleated, metal, fiberglass, as well as Ingram's own Ultimate Dustbuster electrostatic filter.

*Strainer Filters
our most common liquid replacement filter, custom manufactured in any size including #1 and #2.
These filters are available for all types of filter vessels.  We also offer carbon steel, plastic, stainless rings, and lifting handles.

*Sewn End Filter Basket Covers
custom fit for all sizes of filters such as Dolinger and Consler.  


*Filter Services

In addition to custom manufactured filter bags, Ingram's provides quality replacement covers for filter leafs and sewn end filter baskets.

Ingam's patented MAXLIFE filter design employs groundbreaking technology and innovation, providing maximum life for your leaf filters.